SplashDrone 3+ ProFish

The SplashDrone 3+ ProFish comes with a 4K Camera on 1-axis gimbal and a payload release. Now you can record your fishing trips while fishing!

Extended flight times up to 20 mins

Extended flight times up to 20 mins

A fully GPS based drone

4K Camera 1-axis Gimbal & Bait Release

5200 LiHV Battery with low battery warnings

A Feature Rich Fishing Drone

Floating Design

The whole fuselage of SplashDrone 3+ is made from durable reinforced ABS material and allows the SplashDrone to float on calm waters.

All In One Controller

Captured with a 5 inch FPV monitor provides the remote controller a bright and clear live view (800 X 480 pixels) and maximizes the ease of use. 

Powerful Propulsion

SplashDrone3+ is easy to use and gives you various options when flying, filming, fishing, boating and rescue. All supported by the accurate sensor and powerful propulsion system.

Watch The SD3+ In Action

Camera & Release

The Splashdrone 3 PLUS is the ultimate fishing drone! Splash drone can carry a fishing line to the desired location for perfect bait or lure delivery.
Perfect for a beach, boat or rock fishing, or even for lakes & rivers!

With the ability for Splashdrone to lift up to 1kg of dead-weight, the Splashdrone 3 PLUS is able to carry multiple baits on a “mini long-line” & get your bait over the strike-zone quickly and easily.

4K Camera

Perfect for a beach, boat or rock fishing, or even for lakes & rivers!

With the new SplashDrone 3 Fisherman Pro, you can now record your flight in 4K and use the payload release at the same time. Mounted on a 1-Axis Gimbal, Fisherman Pro comes with a water-resistant camera and payload release.

Durable Water-Resistant Design*

Thanks to its new flight control system, the Splashdrone is now even smarter.
Built to handle New Zealand’s coastal environment, Splashdrone is at home around the ocean & even in the rain!
-reinforced 3mm ABS Fuselage
-Custom designed hatch lid with pressure equalization vent for increased barometer accuracy



720P Camera With Payload Release
$ 2499
  • 720P Camera (non-recordable)
  • Stationary Camera
  • Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy
  • Ideal For Fishing
  • Water Resistant*


4K Camera With Payload Release
$ 2899
  • 4K Camera (recordable)
  • 1-Axis Gimbal
  • Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy
  • Record 4K Videos & Photos
  • Water Resistant*


4K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal
$ 3699
  • 4K Camera
  • 3-Axis Gimbal
  • (optional) Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy With Payload Release (Optional)
  • Stabilized Marine Photography
  • Water Resistant*