SplashDrone 3+ Fisherman

The Splashdrone 3+ Fisherman comes with a payload release attached to a 720P camera to help navigate your drone. You can watch the Live Feed on the remote controller screen.

Extended flight times up to 20 mins

Extended flight times up to 20 mins

A fully GPS based drone

720P Camera to help navigate your drone

5200 LiHV Battery with low battery warnings

A Feature Rich Fishing Drone

Floating Design

The whole fuselage of SplashDrone 3+ is made from durable reinforced ABS material and allows the SplashDrone to float on calm waters.

All In One Controller

Captured with a 5 inch FPV monitor provides the remote controller a bright and clear live view (800 X 480 pixels) and maximizes the ease of use. 

Powerful Propulsion

SplashDrone3+ is easy to use and gives you various options when flying, filming, fishing, boating and rescue. All supported by the accurate sensor and powerful propulsion system.

Watch The SD3+ In Action

Camera & Release

The Splashdrone 3 PLUS is the ultimate fishing drone! Splash drone can carry a fishing line to the desired location for perfect bait or lure delivery.
Perfect for a beach, boat or rock fishing, or even for lakes & rivers!

With the ability for Splashdrone to lift up to 1kg of dead-weight, the Splashdrone 3 PLUS is able to carry multiple baits on a “mini long-line” & get your bait over the strike-zone quickly and easily.

One Tap Bait Release

Perfect for a beach, boat or rock fishing, or even for lakes & rivers!

The Live Video Feed to your remote control lets you see where you are dropping your bait or lure, over a work-up, over a channel, beside a reef. Set your bait perfectly around bottom structure or fish activity every time!

Durable Water-Resistant Design*

Thanks to its new flight control system, the Splashdrone is now even smarter.
Built to handle New Zealand’s coastal environment, Splashdrone is at home around the ocean & even in the rain!
-reinforced 3mm ABS Fuselage
-Custom designed hatch lid with pressure equalization vent for increased barometer accuracy



720P Camera With Payload Release
$ 2499
  • 720P Camera (non-recordable)
  • Stationary Camera
  • Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy
  • Ideal For Fishing
  • Water Resistant*


4K Camera With Payload Release
$ 2899
  • 4K Camera (recordable)
  • 1-Axis Gimbal
  • Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy
  • Record 4K Videos & Photos
  • Water Resistant*


4K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal
$ 3699
  • 4K Camera
  • 3-Axis Gimbal
  • (optional) Payload Release
  • 1KG Carrying Capactiy With Payload Release (Optional)
  • Stabilized Marine Photography
  • Water Resistant*