SwellPro NZ Repair Centre

We handle all types of SplashDrone services and repairs. Fully stocked with your SplashDrone needs.

Crash Repairs

If you had something unfortunate happen and your splashdrone has crashed. We will get your drone back to perfect working condition

Warranty repairs

If your splashdrone is within the 12 month warranty*, we access the flight logs of the drone to determine what exactly happened to cause the problem with the drone. If we find that the drone is faulty due to a manufacturing defect we will repair free of charge.

* The warranty for batteries is 6 months.

Dedicated Techs

We have dedicated techs work on all the repair jobs. This allows us to handle all of your repairs in a very timely manner, with as little delays as possible.

Test Flights

After every repair we take the drone on a full test and test flights. This includes a full range of tests to make sure your drone is perfect when it arrives back to you.

1 on 1 Training

Full one on one training sessions available for booking - If you want a full training session where we will walk you through exactly how to make the most of your splashdrone.

Accessories & Parts

We carry SplashDrone and Spry+ parts at all times. We have over 6 years of experience with SwellPro products. Get your SplashDrone looked at by one of our experts.