Fisherman FD3

Fisherman FD3 is the most easy-to-use and reliable water-resistant fishing drone ever made by SwellPro. It consolidates several advantages from its fishing drone siblings: the power-efficiency from FD1, the ease-of-use from SD4, the enhanced safety from Max. Fisherman FD3 comes in 2 versions: the advanced version features a 4K camera video system while the basic version dedicates 100% of its power to carrying baits.

4.8 LBS / 2.2 KG

Bait Capacity

27 Min

Flight Time


Flight Controller

GPS 9.0

Precise Positioning


Flight Sensors




Saltwater resistant

Level 6

Wind Resistance



4.8 LBS / 2.2 KG Bait Capacity

Fisherman FD3 is reliable for carrying baits of up to 4.8 lbs or 2.2 kg into the ocean. The great lifting power is drawn from a high capacity and high voltage 6S battery, high thrust motors and large-sized carbon fiber propellers. New electronic speed controllers enable excellent power-to-payload ratio and extended flight time.

Max Flight Time With Baits

The flight time of FD3 can range from 9 minutes to 27 minutes on a single battery charge, largely depending on the weight of baits you attach to the drone.

The Safest Drone on the Surf

S5 Flight Controller
The AlphaGo for Fishing Drone

100% faster than S4.
Refined algorithms for improved flight stability and altitude control.
Higher tolerance for heat, interference, and vibration.
More real-time data feedback for an interactive and safe control.
The new S5 flight controller powers the FD3 to reaches new heights in the performance of fishing drones.


The S5 can automatically calibrate the flight sensors and eliminate magnetic interference to ensure an accurate and reliable flight performance in different locations. You don’t need to calibrate the FD3 in any beach of the world.


The S5 is fine-tuned to increase stability and reduce pendulum effect while the drone is carrying a swaying baited line.

Auto-drop & Return

Fisherman FD3 can automatically release the baits and fly back to the shore in case of low battery and loss of signal.

GPS 9.0
Your Path to Seamless Drone Fishing

The latest 9th-gen GPS, compared with predecessors, makes great improvements in assisting FD3’s flight by providing accurate positioning, navigation, and several safety features.

Higher accuracy

Being able to acquire up to 30 satellites, FD3 ensures precise navigation and maintains stable hovering in place.

Faster Acquisition

With stronger signal reception, FD picks up satellites more quickly than ever and reduces the time required to unlock motors.


FD3 can access multiple satellite systems including GPS, GlONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou for better signal quality and accuracy.


Advanced signal processing technology is implemented in the GPS receiver to filter out interference and noise.

IPX5 Saltwater-resistant

The aircraft of FD3 is sealed, and then air-pressure tested and dunk tested, to ensure water-resistance. The fuselage is made from marine-grade ABS to increase durability and resilience under great water pressure.


The water-resistant motors, bait release and internal electronics of FD3 are coated with corrosion-resistant coating – adding an extra layer of protection against salty air above the ocean.

Self-Floating Design

We designed FD3 with sufficient buoyancy on the aircraft itself. The drone can keep floating when landing on the water. Then, you can control it to take off again from the water and fly back to the shore.

Automatic Flip

If the FD3 accidentally capsizes in the water, you can use the joysticks to flip it back to its normal position, and take off!

Level 6 Wind Resistance

Thanks to the strong propulsion system and the GPS 9.0, FD3 can maintain a stable position and attitude in winds up to 20 m/s (38mph).

The Simplest Fishing Drone
On the Earth

Slide-in Battery

Swapping battery is super easy. Open the hatch door, slide the battery into the compartment, hit the power button, then you are good to go! The hatch door is 100% waterproof with a rubber seal when closed.

Screw-on Propellers

The threaded propeller mount allows for easy installation and keep the propellers from flying off the fast-spinning motors when the FD3 requires lots of thrust.

Fisherman-friendly Remote Controller

The remote controller of FD3 has a sleek game-console design for maximum comfort. The interface is clean with well-labeled buttons for intuitive control. Pilots can rely on the on-screen telemetry, video feedback and voice alerts to get situational awareness of the aircraft in real-time. A splash-proof and sand-proof body allows the remote controller to survive on the beach. There is no room for mistakes when you are controlling the FD3.

The advanced remote controller has an inbuilt multi-color display that can show the drone’s live footage in 720P.

The basic remote controller has a an inbuilt monochrome display that only shows flight telemetry.


Fish Spotting Camera

For Advanced Version

The FD3 advanced version comes with a 4K stabilized camera that can shoot detail-rich photos and videos. The camera can be tilt up or down via the remote controller to broaden pilot’s field of view. With a clear aerial video feedback, land-based anglers cannot only see reef and rocks, but even spot fish on the water – knowing when and where to drop baits.


at Your Fingertips

The FDFly APP enable several autopilot features on the FD3. That makes it even easier for anglers who have no piloting experiences to fly baits out.

Auto Take-off

Slide to activate FD3 and take it off


Fly to the location you tap on the APP


Select several points to create a flight route

Fishing Spot Saving

Remember GPS points of fishing spots on the map


Automatically drop baits at saved locations

Map Download

Take map-enabled autopilot features off-grid