What is the max flight range of SplashDrone 3+?

A. SplashDrone 3+ can fly up to 1KM. However, the flight distance is restricted to 500m due to NZ laws. Also, the live video feed including telemetry details only last up to 500m on standard antenna. The video feed distance can be extended by purchasing third party high gain and 14DB antennas.

What is the max flight time of SplashDrone 3+?

A. The SD3+ can fly up to 19 minutes depending on the weather conditions, payload weight and video recording.

Can SplashDrone 3+ return to moving boat?
  1. No, it can only return to its take off point (starting location)
How much load can SD3+ carry?

Up to 1KG dead weight, However due to adverse wind & weather conditions, fishing line pull etc it is advisable to not load the drone with more than 600 grams.

How many hooks can SD3+ carry?

Up to 8-10 hooks. Anything more will end up straining the motors.

Is SD3+ submersible under water?

Absolutely not. It will float on calm/still waters when landed. One should not land SD3+ in rough waters.

What is the maximum wind pressure SD3+ can handle?

15 Knots Max.

Can I use payload and 4K camera at the same time?

Only if you purchase the SD3+ Profish model OR if you purchase 4K Camera & Payload accessory.

Is SD3+ waterproof?

NO! SD3+ is water-resistant with a rating of IPX4. Please note that the controller is NOT WATER RESISTANT or SPLASH RESISTANT.

What is the charging time of the batteries?

Drone battery takes around hour and a half. Controller battery takes around half hour.

How long will the controller battery last for?

For 3-4 drone batteries.

Do I need to calibrate before every flight?

Absolutely! One should perform both calibrations, accelerometer (gyroscope) and compass to ensure drone’s safety

What’s the difference between the three SD3+ models?

The main differences are as below:

SD3+ Fishing

  • Comes with payload release and 720p camera (non recordable)

SD3+ ProFish

  • Comes with payload release and 4K camera on 1-axis gimbal. Allows you to record in 4K.


  • Comes with 4K camera on 3-axis gimbal with added shock absorption to give you a stable and professional photography. Payload release can be purchased separately.
How does the 4K camera record videos?

Camera records videos and photos on a user inserted micro SD card (not included with the drone).

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