Fully Water Resistant

Developed by SwellPro, Splash Drone 3 Auto is the world's 1st amphibious & water resistant drone. There isn't a drone that can survive from landing on water. The Splash Drone 3 fills this gap on the drone market.

Payload Release

The splash drone 3 is able to load object up to 1kg to fly and throw at specified place. Suitable for water rescue with life saving ring; deliver fish bait for fisherman; fishing etc.

Auto Return to Home

Prevent losing the drone because of mis-operation, which gives confidence to people who operate the splash drone 3.

Circle Flight

Fly the splash drone 3 surround the specified target to make 360° aerial filming automatically in auto pilot mode.

Follow Me Mode

Automatically following up the specified moving object to execute a whole process aerial photography. (Splash Drone 3 Auto Version Only)

Real time OSD data

Real time OSD data on the controller: Most of the important flight data will be showed on the controller LCD screen, which help you to master the splash drone 3 status during flying.

About Splash Drone 3

The Water Resistant Splash Drone 3 come in exciting new colors and the Auto Splash Drones come with new boxing.

  • Smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations
  • Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module inside
  • High-end 10 channels telemetry radio remote controller
  • All in one smart balance charger
Splash Drone 3 Details

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Our Partners

You can purchase splash drone 3 RTF version, Auto version and all accessories from our partner websites or local fishing gear stores.